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Greetings and respect for the service of dear colleagues, companions and customers
The startup has been around since 2010 (formerly known as SBPtarh) and aims to find solutions for people looking to make money online after years of research. It should be noted that this startup meets the needs of 3 groups of people:

1- People looking for lucrative and permanent jobs
2- Business owners
3- Investors

Earnings system

This startup has designed software for people who do not have much capital and do not have the ability to start a business and are looking for a lucrative job, along with sales and marketing training and digital and physical products, so that people can start working at least $1,000 a day And this product (software) has a guarantee.

Subject of the activities of this startup: providing all business activities and business services and sales and purchases and exports and imports and after-sales services of all authorized commercial goods, launching and supporting start-up businesses, increasing sales power and business growth Traditional, providing intelligent warehousing and accounting services for all businesses, site sales (e-commerce), non-pyramid and non-network marketing, providing all services and facilities for domestic and international trade, participation in other companies Domestic and foreign by buying shares of companies, obtaining and granting representation of reputable domestic and foreign companies, establishing branches and agencies inside and outside the country, concluding contracts with all natural and legal persons and providing consulting services in the field of company activities.

Main team members

Donna Johnson

Online Support

Joshua Williams

Chairman of the Board And Supervisor

Technical support, server management

sina bakhshipoor

Founder and CEO

Strategy, idea maker, digital marketing

Elizabeth Jones


Jennifer Williams

Online Support 3

Michael Jones

Online Support 2

David Garcia

Technical Support

William Davis


Barbara Taylor

Assistant Accountant

John John

Digital Marketing Manager

Laura Martin

Graphic Designer


Payment guarantee

24-hour support

Possibility of refund

Quality assurance in products

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